Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After returning home from a beautiful time with First Baptist Church of Gulf Breeze in Nuevo Laredo, I had a short stay with the family and made the dreaded turn around trip back down. I met Ray White from Mission Builders in Pensacola at 5:00 a.m. and with trailer in tow headed back down I10 interstate. We stopped in Ponchatoula LA and picking up a much-needed generator that was donated to the ministry by Wormie Felder the owner of Ever Green Tractor Co. To God be the Glory!

We had two other things that we were setting out to accomplish. One was to pick up a college student from Texas A&M in College Station Texas and the other was to meet the truck from Feed My Starving Children. I cannot even begin to tell you how long we were on the road. Any way we dropped Leah off in Laredo at Jaunies house. Jaunie is Mama Lupita’s oldest daughter. Leah is a 21 year old college student who is going to spend 6 weeks in the orphanage to teach English to the kids. She has been down several times before and knows the drill. We pulled back out of Laredo and headed for Los Fresno’s.

We are to meet the truck at United in Christ Ministries where we will use this church as a starting point for distribution across the border. United in Christ was started from two men out of Ray Whites home church in Pensacola. This ministry has grown so much over the last 3 to 4 years. They have a mission in Los Fresnos, TX and all kinds of things going on in the Matamoros area.

As we were getting closer to our second destination we were informed that the food was delivered a day early. That was cool but we could have crashed somewhere for some rest if we would have known. So when we got to United in Christ the food was already unloaded and put up. We hung out with Chacho and Mark for a while to kind of see whats been going on. By this time I was starting to feel so exhausted that the only thing I know what to do is keep on going.

Mark is the pastor and Chacho is the director and missions coordinator. The four of us got together to pray for direction on how God would have us use and distribute the food. This is a first for me. God has put Give Me Shelter Ministries in the position to get the food down here. As always we want to work through the church that is in place. God knows what to do and Chacho and Mark know the needs. Through God's guidance I have all confidence that the food will get to the right people and God will be glorified and the message of Christ Jesus will be proclaimed.

As tired as I was I will never miss a chance to minister. Chacho is preaching about an hour across the border at a small church called Jehova Jireh . While we were down we took some of the food to a drug rehab center in Matamoros named Centro de Rehailitacion Unidos en Christos -- or in gringo translation: Rehabilitation Center of United in Christ.

It is so beautiful to see God work. What a blessing it is to be a part of Kingdom work. It always helps me to see how unworthy I really am. If not for God's grace and mercy I could have easily been in the same situation in Mexico as these men are. Sometimes I just stand drawing blanks in my head, trying to understand why God choose me to do what he has called me to do. I praise God and give him all the credit. He is so good and excellent.

We arrived at the little church Jehova Jireh. What a wonderful time of worship we had. By this time I was so tired and God was doing a major stretch on me. I was ready to head back across and see if sleep was in the picture for me or not. I was beginning to think that that sleep was something that did not really exist. But God said one more blessing. The pastor’s family wanted to prepare food for us. The flesh wanted to say no but the spirit of true Christian love said stay and enjoy. What a hassle that must have been to prepare food so late at night. This was something they wanted to do. She made fresh hand mixed, hand rolled flour tortillas with beans and egg with this crazy hot sauce that only rivaled the chicken place in Nuevo Laredo. How many blessings can God allow us to have each day and how far can he stretch us? Be obedient and available and find out. I finally got to sleep when God was done with me for this day. Thank you God for your patience with me.